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Have You Booked Your Tickets Yet?

 The Hearts and Minds of Independent Film, the theme of the 2015 Sarasota Film Festival, speaks to the dedicated spirit of those who make movies. A blend of creativity and sensitivity, of vision and intuition, and of patience and tenacity, is essential to produce a truly great independent film. I am honored to document the

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Sarasota Film Festival 2015 Opening Night

Footage from the 17th annual opening night film and party at the Opera House on April 10th. This red carpet event began with an Opening Night Film, followed by top musical entertainment featuring Florida band, the Hip Nauticals and DJ Imminent.

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ShowOFF Your Listings!

I’ve had a lot of fun coming up with a concept for Bobbie Ayers and her “ShowOff” interactive home application. We’ve decided that the best way to show people how the application works is to take them inside it! It’s simple and easy to make ShowOff working for you or your clients. Just snap a

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Battle For Space

Looking for ideas for Nat Geo’s “Wild to Inspire” contest, we discovered an amazing sanctuary in Florida, built to preserve the worldwide genetic pool of one of the oldest species on earth: lemurs. The Lemur Conservation Foundation (LCF) is located in a beautiful 100-acre old Florida pristine forest. The forest is secluded from the outside

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A Lemur Story

Hello to all the readers of LCF’s newsletter! I’ve recently approached The Lemur Conservation Foundation (LCF) with a film enquiry. As I am looking to enter a National Geographic contest in January 2015, I wanted to feature LCF’s furry residents and voice their important conservation story. Since the forest is closed to visitors, I thought

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“Behind the Scenes” Series for Family Beautiful Magazine

Special thank you to the Desoto Speedway for the opportunity to use their beautiful location. Stay tuned! The next issue of “Family Beautiful” magazine is coming up in January 2015! For advertising in the magazine, please contact: Susan Short Publisher, Executive Editor Family Beautiful Magazine and Media 941-961-4280

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